Friday, May 17, 2013

The Joy of Audio Books

I have, for the past fourteen years, had the wonderful benefit of a chauffeur. Most unfortunately, this is not because I am married to one of the obscenely rich, but frighteningly dysfunctional, heroes typical of the Romance books that I can’t seem to stay away from, but rather because my very functional, and definitely not disgustingly affluent husband, works for the same company as I do. Up until April this year we worked within spitting distance from each other and thus I have been driven to and from work for all these years. No prizes for guessing what I did to fill the 45 minute journey (one way) every day – that’s correct, I read!

When my husband was promoted to a different division (I married well, what can I say?), I found myself plunged back into the terrifying world of driving. There were many, myself included, who did not believe I would cope. Not because my driving skills are particularly bad (no comments allowed), but because I would lose an hour and a half of my precious reading time. Well, I have news for everyone - I have survived!

I love driving myself to work. I acquired a brand new car (my wonderful husband insisted that I shouldn’t drive my 13 year old car anymore – have I mentioned that I married well?) and, after one short week of book deprivation, I discovered Audio Books. They are definitely the best thing since the Kindle! Road rage is impossible when you are wrapped up in a great book read by the most eloquent narrator. In fact I find myself encouraging those road menaces, South African taxis, to push in front of me so that it can extend my trip.

Listening to Audio Books is reminiscent of days spent on the carpet in primary school, listening to my favourite teacher reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Is there anything more indulgent than listening to someone read to you? I am currently listening to two books, a necessary arrangement since the first part of my trip is between our home and my son’s school. The first book is Terry Pratchett’s marvellous novel, Monstrous Regiment and the second is Jess Walter’s Beautiful Ruins. The reviews of these superb novels will follow just as soon as I have listened to the closing lines.